JavaScript (Framework)

If you want to your web or mobile view should be creative at this time we using javascript. JS stands for JavaScript, it’s work as a client side scripting language. Everyone wants to attractive or user friendly view, it’s possible with the help of this. Zingbytes are using all types of java scipt language like Alertify.js, Node.js, AngularJS, Ember.js & Java Script MVC.

Framework is use for complete web structure design, interface of any system application, Zingbytes deploy project on MVC framework and all working frameworks are Ionic Framework, Knockout (web framework), Meteor & Mojito etc.

There are list of some popular javascript framework

Ionic framework

Ionic framework is open source & free framework for deploying hybrid applications.

  • All platform support
  • Also perform with cross development program like phonegap
Knockout (web framework)

It’s popular framework for develop MVVM(Model View View Model) interface. It’s deploy real time MVC Experience.

Meteor (web framework)

This framework work as rapid development and platform independent. It’s use for deploy all types of device mobile & desktop etc

Mojito (framework)

Mojito is multi device support framework that’s use for develop cross-platform creative UI development. Zingbytes is also offer for this type of technology service.

  • Client based interface
  • Creative view of application

Mongodb is a database which helps our client and users to increase their pace. That’s why we provide fast service it can be possible for small enterprise and Large both.


Thinking about the server site projects we are here to explore, which helps us to run real-time applications through our breakthrough and innovative ideas.

AngularJS Tech Lead

The sequel of framework for creating dynamic table for different applications Thus for users to make more gracious we are engaged with this constraint.