Hitchhiker - Travel guide app for Android and iOS

This app perform best support for your local travel guides with support of extra functions like regionwise map view, categories location and recent events information. Hitchhiker android and iOS app developed by zingbytes in very reliable time.

Responsive and mobile friendly UI

This app provides simple and responsive mobile-friendly functionality for every type of users. its clear map view represent attractive UI and all device friendly features. Hitchhiker app provides a one stop solution for local guidence, it's suitable tag title is "Be a local anywhere in the world..".

Hitchhiker iOS App

Zingbytes developed the application for both android and iOS. This image presents our works for iOS in the front of you, and you can completely observe our works with going to apple app store link. Zingbytes integrated all the functionality that suggest by the client or our Happy customers. During the development process our team work with full dedication.

Hitchhiker Android App

We know that in the world android OS is becoming very popular compare iPhone OS. Hitchhiker one of the most popular local guidance app that completely developed by Zingbytes. This project makes special with map view, Bucketlist, Categories and Search by Regions functionality.

How’s Zingbytes project going

Currently up and running, the service (website plus two mobile apps) provides monthly subscription-based unlimited access to current and archive shows from your favorite bands’ tours, including Pearl Jam, Widespread Panic, Umphrey’s McGee, Gov’t Mule, The Black Crowes, moe., and more.We're constantly developing the mobile apps, adding new features so that nugs.net pushes the boundaries of music.

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