IrTrip - Nearby location and tourist guide app

Irtrip is a digital platform for travel and tourism industry in Iran. You can search nearby by landmarks like restaurant and hotels. It is a complete platform with a website and mobile apps on android & ios.

Mobile User Interface

This project provided a huge platform for all kind of users, it aims to work in all worldwide locations and facilitate every tourist from every country. Users can access this app in different languages and knows about all location

Android app

We have 7+ year experienced android developers that generate customer satisfaction mobile app deployment. Irtrip app has a complete example of development like in this app users will be able to add their own new spots to the app & will let other users see those, and create a self-customized tour to see all the attractions to visit in Iran.

IrTrip iOS app

In the world every type of mobile users are available, so the iOS app is also an important factor for this project. It also works as a social media platform for tourists where they can chat with our friends, send requests and communicate with each other. Zingbytes developed this app according to client requirements.

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