Troventi - Buying & Selling textbooks

Troventi is an online peer-to-peer platform for buying and selling used textbooks. It connects trusted buyers directly with reliable sellers through our custom real-time marketplace.

mobile UI

In this type of project mobile user interface and experience is very important features. Troventi app is used for trusted buying and reliable Textbook selling. Every user can exchange their old textbooks with another client, so a simple & friendly UI is very helpful for this type of work and zingbytes have completed this task.

Troventi on android

Users will be able to buy or sell books they need through our database as well as negotiate prices and schedule meet-ups to complete transactions using our efficient navigation system. Sellers can easily set prices through our recommendations and quickly find buyers for their books.

App for iOS

We process payments, offering buyers the option of paying by cash or securely with their credit card. Troventi is the simplest, cheapest, most secure and convenient way to buy and sell textbooks. Toventi iOS mobile app will be available soon. In this app, payment gateway option is included looking at the demand of better payment transaction.

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